Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bye Bye to HD , Now Time for QD Vision's

QD Vision's Quantum Light™ product platform is targeted at several major opportunities in the consumer electronics industry, including the mobile phone/mobile device market, and larger area liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for desktop and notebook computers and televisions. These initial applications alone represent more than a $1-billion addressable market by 2012 for QD Vision's quantum dot-based components.
QD Vision's Quantum Light™ product platform is an ideal solution for display applications, delivering such benefits as:
  • High Efficiency: More light with less power
  • Lower Cost: Reduces the number and unit cost of LEDs required for backlighting applications
  • Color Purity: Highly saturated, precisely tunable colors for more vivid color images
  • Stability: Inherent material reliability and color balance stability
  • Design Flexibility: Thin structures that can be efficiently used for any size display
The company is focused on developing Quantum Light™ solutions for display backlight units (BLUs) used in several markets, including cell phones, laptops, and TV and computer monitors. The company also plans to apply its expertise to develop actual quantum dot-based displays, which can be commercialized in the next few years. 
QD Vision projects that its Quantum Light™ solutions for backlighting units will improve efficiency of LCDs by up to 40 percent, while delivering purer colors and better contrast between the darkest blacks and the whitest whites.

A major trend in the LCD industry is to replace CCFL fluorescent lights with LEDs in BLUs. Today, most LCD makers use white LEDs and integrate them into side illuminated light guides, which provide the light for the display. Red, green and blue light is separated from the white spectrum of the LED by color filters, and much of the original spectrum is lost or wasted as heat. This solution leaves much to be desired. First, it is extremely energy inefficient, as only approximately 5-to-7 percent of the backlight illumination makes its way to the viewers' eyes. Second, the color quality or gamut is reduced due to the initially incomplete white spectrum of the starting LEDs. Finally, this approach requires many more LEDs than necessary. 

QD Vision's Quantum Light™optic  enables the use of highly power efficient blue LEDs. The Quantum Light™ materials convert a portion of the blue LEDs into deep red and green light, creating tri-chromatic (red, green and blue) white light, which then gets coupled into the light guide. The use of this tri-chromatic white light composed of highly saturated colors improves color gamut of the LCD from about 75-80 percent of the standard to more than 100 percent, making a brilliant, colorful image with significant power savings. In addition, the use of Quantum Light™ materials saves on component and manufacturing  costs, as it requires 30% fewer LEDs for backlighting.

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