Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao have baby boy via IVF surrogate

On December 1, actor Aamir Khan and his filmmaker-wife, Kiran Rao welcomed their first-born son-but with a classy difference. The couple, in an openness that is rare in the Indian society, announced that their son was born through surrogacy using the IVF (in-vitro fertilization) technique.

Their letter, which was released to the media on Monday, thanked miracles of science and read, "This baby is especially dear to us because he was born to us after a long wait and some difficulty." The letter added that due to medical complications, "we were advised to have a baby through IVF-surrogacy, and we feel very grateful to the Almighty that all has gone well".

The couple didn't mention whether their son was born in Mumbai or outside. They underwent treatment with Dr Firuza Parikh, who heads Jaslok Hospital's IVF department. On Monday, Dr Parikh told TOI, "This is an extremely happy moment for us. Kiran has gone through a lot and we are all excited for her. They underwent IVF-surrogacy treatment and they are the biological and genetic parents of the baby." Family sources suggested that Kiran Rao (38), who suffered a miscarriage last year, had uterine medical problems that necessitated a surrogacy.

The couple married in December 2005. Aamir (46) has two other children from his first wife, Reena Dutta.

On Monday, in a single sweep of words, the actor who is associated with some path-breaking films emerged as the poster-boy for IVF and surrogacy-terms that Indians in general have been too squeamish to discuss in the open. His 'endorsement of sorts' comes in a year of controversies surrounding surrogacy in Mumbai; babies born through it to foreigners were deemed 'stateless' because their parents' country of origin didn't recognize surrogacy.

The medical fraternity believes that Aamir's letter will change the public perception about IVF. Dr Indira Hinduja, who is officially credited with India's first test-tube baby born in KEM Hospital 25 years ago, said, "It's nice of Aamir Khan to talk about it. He is a top star and people may now no longer mind undergoing a surrogacy treatment and talking about it."

Infertility specialist Dr Hrishikesh Pai said Aamir's statement would bring surrogacy into the mainstream of medicine. But, more important, he said, was that Aamir's "speaking out" will help people accept the world of IVF. "I get calls from former patients saying they have recommended my centre to a friend or family member. In the same breath, they add that they don't want this person to know that they themselves had undergone IVF treatment with me earlier. People are paranoid about being considered disadvantaged for seeking help in having a child."

Aamir's endorsement could have both a positive and a negative impact, said infertility specialist Dr Aniruddha Malpani. "Celebs play a big role in influencing societal attitudes and the fact that Aamir Khan has used surrogacy to have a baby and has issued a press release stating this publicly means that many other infertile couples will want to learn more about this option," he said.

The bad impact, he said, is that surrogacy will now become more acceptable as a method of family building. "The danger is that many other infertile couples will follow blindly in his footsteps. Surrogacy can be misused, overused and abused," added Dr Malpani.

Source:- indiatimes

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